How Ergonomic Furniture Design Can Improve The Quality Of An Office

The office interior is incomplete without office furniture, and the latter must be in tune with the overall office design. The office furniture should also follow the rules of ergonomics in order to ensure that workers can go on making use of them for a significantly long time without any health hazards.

An average employee spends more than thirty percent of his day in the office, and keeping in mind this, if the office furniture he or she is making use of is not comfortable and convenient to use, then the employee is likely to have recurring and possibly serious health problems. Hence it is vital for employers to make sure that office furniture, particularly office chairs, are designed to enhance employees’ comfort.

Any purchase of office chairs should be made only after ensuring a few things. Steadiness, convenient mobility and flexibility are the three aspects that should influence your choice of office chairs. Employees should be able to conveniently place their hands on the arm rests and be able to adjust the seat height to suit their preference. The chair must enable easy movement of limbs so that there are no hurdles for the employee while he or she is engaged in work. The back support is the most important aspect of office chairs. It must be properly cushioned and reclined to give the occupant a relaxed experience free of any strain on his back and spine.

The second most crucial element of office furniture is office desks. The desk should neither be too elevated nor too low, and must give ample space to the employee to carry out jobs both on his desktop and with his office files. Crowded or small office desks are very uncomfortable to work on and the employee’s body has to make a lot of adjustments which are usually not good for health over a long period.

Office ergonomics is incomplete without careful planning of the exact placements of office furniture. There should be ample free space between the cabins or cubicles so that staff and bulky goods both get enough space to move, without causing disturbance to the work of seated workers.

Good office ergonomics make sure not only a healthy workforce but a happier and more efficient one as well. An employee can handle and arrange his work properly and can perform his tasks in a relaxed and spirited way if the ergonomics in his office are conducive to his health and fitness.

Office design should always target at complete non-existence of any physical inconvenience inside the office, or at least lessening it to a bare minimum. The office interior must be conducive to healthy working conditions where an employee can go about his or her work without having to face any problems, so that his contribution to the success of the organization can be maximized.

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