Home Spas – Which Are The Top?

Home spas are increasing in popularity as people are realizing the benefits of water therapy. Whether you want to treat a specific problem like back pain or simply want to be able to relax in a hot tub whenever you want, there are many benefits to owning one. Keep reading to learn more about some models worth considering and some features to be aware of.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient appliances are what many people are concerned about today. The overall price of the hot tub should be considered and this will need to include the cost of the energy it uses. Also make sure you understand the R-value of the hot tub, as it measures how well the heating is retained in the spa. The bigger number registers that the unit is holding more heat. A detail not to be overlooked, is a full foam insulation as this can be a considerable energy saver. Finally, a circulation pump is one of the most energy efficient ways to filter the water in your hot tub.

Many people enjoy owning a Caldera Spa for their relaxing and therapeutic qualities. Using their patented Hot Tub Circuit Therapy, the jet streams in these spas are focused in a way designed to provide the most beneficial, therapeutic effects. So getting into one of these units is like getting a massage done by a skilled practitioner whenever you need it. There are various models such as the Niagara that can seat seven adults and the Cantabria that seats eight people.

This model is listed with the ETL, which means it is approved by North American standards therefore you can sit it in without the worries of it being unsafe to operate. Being priced at roughly $5,000, the Barbados Portable Spa is higher priced than other moveable hot tubs, so the sound craftsmanship, eye-catching features and range of other amenities do have a price tag.

To come to the point, before you spend money on a Jacuzzi tub, spa or hot tub, you should do plenty of research, as there is a huge variety to choose from. You should make sure to get the kind of unit that will best serve your needs, even though you need to think about the money you are able to spend. For illustrative purposes, a less expensive portable hot tub might be appealing, unfortunately if it lacks a high-tech heating system and powerful jets, it might not be able to offer the best therapeutic benefits.

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