Holidays to Cuba. Things to know

Thinking of holidays to Cuba? Well, out of all the Caribbean Islands, Cuba is definitely one with more to offer than just a beach holiday. The people are bright, self-assertive and handsome. Their cultural heritage is colourful, as are the monuments of their often tumultuous, always fascinating history. A holiday to Cuba is something you should really consider in your agenda.

These are just some of the facts to consider and places and things you should not miss in your holidays to Cuba.

Hiking: The most ambitious hiking trails are to be found in the Sierra Maestra national park, but there are also delightful rambles in the forests around the Gran Piedra and, in the west, Soroa and Viales. In the absence of detailed trail-maps, it may be best to hire a local guide.

Havana: The city, with a population of 2,180,000 the biggest in the Caribbean, mirrors all phases of the island’s turbulent story. Nowhere in Latin America will you find more handsome buildings from the Spanish colonial era. Palaces, mansions and churches are being painstakingly conserved in the old quarter.

La Hahana Vieja (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982), along with fortresses around the harbour. Garish evidence of the US presence in Cuban history is there in the grand old 50s Chevrolets and Cadillacs miraculously still rolling through the streets-and in the Vedado district’s hotels that were head quarters for the Mafia’s night clubs and casinos.

Bisbol: Yes, baseball is Cuba’s national sport. A version of the United States’ national game, which Arcwak Indians called batos, existed here even before the Spanish arrived. It developed in its modern form with the growth of American influence in the late 19th century. Today every town has a baseball diamond. Encouraged by Fidel Castro who impressed Americans in 1 950s with his talent as a pitcher, Cuba’s national team is the best in Latin America and be came Olympic champions at Atlanta, Georgia, in 1996.

The list of places to visit and things to do goes on and on. The options are immeasurable for your holidays to Cuba. Stay tune to this article directory as there will be more useful information about Cuba coming soon.

Jose Mauricio Maurette Garces is the owner of Quest World Travel Ltd . He has a great deal of experience organizing Cuba holidays and tailor made Vietnam Holidays

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