Hiring A Guide To Try Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing

If you are one of those people who does not like fishing at sea, then why not have a go at striper fishing in the south eastern area of Kentucky on the lovely piece of water known as Lake Cumberland. Having a go at Lake Cumberland striper fishing is a great way to have a bit of recreation.

If you are one of those people who is a new comer to this and you really do not have a clue what this kind of sport is, then to put you in the picture it is catching striped bass. This fish also has quite a number of other names such as linesiders, Atlantic striped bass, pimpfish and a few others.

Their body is colored silver with darkish stripes which run from behind the gills to just on the tail section. Their life span is said to be about thirty years and they can weight very heavy for a fish, up to around one hundred and twenty pounds and can grow to a length of about six and a half feet. You will probably not catch this size in any reservoir.

They are usually a fish that lives in salt water only returning to water that is fresh in lakes and rivers when they are ready to spawn. Due to this reason they were introduced into fresh water reservoirs as a recreational fish and also to control a fish of the herring breed the Gizzard Shad which has little value.

To catch these striped bass in this area you will need a boat, some gear such as a rod, etc., bait and probably a guide. You will also need to know the size you can take and the limits on this, this is to help stop the overfishing of the species.

Hiring a guide if you are one of those people who is not up on all the information may be a good idea, as these people can help find the right places to fish, the best gear to use, they also have the bait to catch the fish and can show you how to use it. If you do not have a boat they can provide one of these as well.

Check out the services of these guides if you are interested in a great sport as there are quite a few in this area. You will find them on their websites on the internet and if you decide to try this recreation on this reservoir you should have a great time.

lake cumberland striper fishing

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