Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms and Treatment

Heavy metal toxicity occurs when there is enormous amount of metal have build-up in our system. Most of the time, most people think that the symptoms of this condition is somewhat chronic and cannot be treated anymore. Some of the metals that cause this condition are lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum.

Heavy metals are usually found in our environment oftentimes, which is difficult to be avoided. Heavy metal toxicity can be excreted by the body successfully. However, there are some individuals especially those who are suffering from chronic medical conditions cannot excrete metal toxicity effectively and toxic will surely build-up. Recent study shows that those individual who fails to expel heavy metals capably seem to be genetically inclined to this condition. Research illustrates that APO-E 4/3 and 4/4 genotypes are the nastiest source of heavy metals.

Numerous toxic metals like arsenic, mercury and lead does not have the same symptoms. However, some of the common symptoms of this condition are allergies, gastrointestinal upset, pain in muscles and joints, chronic fatigue, headaches and short-term loss of memory. Heavy metal toxicity is very hard to diagnose based on the above mention symptoms alone.

Some of the symptoms of lead poisoning are abdominal pain, depression of adrenal and thyroid glands, gout, hypertension, hemolytic anemia and chronic renal failure. In addition, the above mentioned symptoms may be present altogether to a person with lead poisoning. There are also some mental symptoms of this condition such as irritability, insomnia, delusions and anxiety.

Included in the symptoms of mercury poisoning are metallic taste, stomach and kidney problems, tremors and excessive salivation. The metal symptoms of mercury are irritability, apathy, depression, anorexia, shyness, mental deterioration and psychosis. Typically, mercury poisoning is due to dental fillings made of mercury.

The primary step in treating heavy metal toxicity is to determine different toxic elements as well as to fully understand how to remove them effectively. The simplest means of screening is through hair analysis method, wherein small amount of hair is being taken from the neck and a computerized analysis is executed to know if there’s a presence of metals. To detoxify the body from these minerals, a 24-hour urine collection may be required to determine the heavy metal level in the body and taking certain chelating drugs. Intravenous vitamin C and mineral infusion are some of the most recommended as effective means to detoxify.

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