Guitar Leads And Cables

If you are one of the lead guitarists in your rock band, then you need to choose the best leads for your guitar. The quality of the cables depends much on the sound output quality and the guitar performance and is significant in transiting the signals. The gold connectors are one of the best and provide the best quality audio output. Nevertheless, other connectors like the copper ones are also good enough. The ones forged out of steel and other materials have good durability but the signal transiting is not good unlike the former ones.

Also, you need to know that the core of the cables is very crucial. The material, with which the core is made, should be checked first. The copper core cables are best, and the thicker the gage there, the better. The inner core of the cable is usually shielded, thus providing safety from electrical hazards, and also gives proper insulation by means of the jacket wrapped outside. The shielding not only protects the core and provides insulation, but also it is capable of preventing hissing and other noises that might have been mingled up when the signal passes through the electrical lines.

Usually braided shielding is preferred more than spiral shielding, but the flexibility is more in the latter case. The shielding via foils is stiffer and breakage is more possible there. Good quality leads and cables should have proper and thick jackets wrapped over the core of the cable, providing insulation and protection to the inner core and shielding as well. The ones which are manufactured poorly may cost less, but the conduction and shielding are quite poor in them. Also the quality of signal transition is worse in those cables. The physical properties of these cables are responsible for variation of their usability, durability and resistance.

Now, coming to the storage part, these cables should be coiled up carefully in order to let them last for many years. The best way to keep the coiled cables is to keep them in separate storage boxes, or zip lock plastic bags.

You may even hang them up on hooks, but make sure to keep them in a safe place like in storage rooms or attics, and avoid exposing them to the sunlight or near other heat sources even though they are insulated. Lastly, whilst buying leads, look for cables that are easily flexible and not too stiff, as this will create problems while coiling up.

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