Growing your Business with a Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is basically one full dedicated server that gets divided up into multiple virtual servers which are separated by partitions. Every user on the server gets the same amount of RAM allocated to them. No matter what, this RAM is reserved for the user that it has been allocated to. Even when it is not being used, it still cannot be used by others on the server.

Many webmasters have been looking for an alternative to shared hosting, and a lot of businesses either do not need a dedicated server or do not want to pay so much for hosting. Many business owners started out using shared hosting due to the fact that it is so cost effective and it doesn’t require much technical skill. However, once people begin to drive traffic to their site they start to see the problems that shared hosting presents. Any business owner that has plans to grow their business is going to end up realizing at some point that they will have to switch from shared hosting to another option.

It is true that it costs more to have VPS hosting than it does to go with a shared option. However, it does not cost as much as a dedicated server does. Besides, the cost has gone down significantly ever since the demand for VPS hosting began to rise. More business owners can afford it now that weren’t able to before.

There are two basic choices when it comes to a virtual private server. You can either get one that is managed or unmanaged. With a managed server, any configuration changes or installs get taken care of by the vendor. However, when you use an unmanaged server any changes will be your responsibility. In this case, you will need to have some technical skill to install and maintain your applications. You should probably choose a managed service if you haven’t had previous experience with VPS hosting. It isn’t that much of a difference in cost, and the amount of time it will save you will be more than worth it. You may also decide to go with an unmanaged server and then hire someone to do the technical work for you. Either way, the extra money you spend is going to be worth it.

This type of server will generally come with a control panel, and this will make the job of managing the server much simpler. If you have had previous experience with a control panel from using another type of hosting, you may want to try and find VPS hosting that offers the same type of control panel that you are used to. You should additionally try to get virtual hosting that uses the same type of operating system that you are already used to. This will make your life much easier when you are first starting out.

As long as you keep all of these things in mind, you will be able to greatly benefit from using a virtual private server.

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