Google’s Challenging SEO Algorithm To Stay Secret

In a recent interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Schmidt was reported to say that he was getting frustrated with the common questions he gets pertaining to the ranking algorithm that is being applied by Google. Among the many frequent questions, Schmidt reportedly keeps having asked why Google does not share its 200 factors when ranking.

Involving this matter, Schmidt stated that the main reason behind the secrecy is that there is no concrete factor. Google prefers not to share the algorithm and idea of how everything works because the algorithm itself undergoes a number changes as fast as the changes and development normally come in technology. In connection with this, they would rather not deal with the scrutiny of the SEO community with every modification.

Google is also worried that if they share the current algorithm, this substantial piece of information may be abused by online marketing communities and some SEO groups, and things might get ugly. True enough, if Google divulged their algorithm, not only those who wish to use it for good have the knowledge. As soon as the algorithm is shared, some individuals who are up to no good may use and misuse the system.

What SEOs can do as of the moment is to keep on studying the different changes that Google makes as soon as they release updates. The modifications that the company makes are usually not that drastic, which allows those who are occupied in search engine optimization to perfect their skills founded on research. For those who are fresh to SEO, it is best to learn the basic principles first before attempting to take on Google’s algorithm.

Preparing to master search engine optimization and online marketing will always be a challenge for users and companies. It is a good thing, then, that there are companies who are able to accommodate to the ever altering Google algorithm, and are able to at least have a firsthand experience of how search engine optimization works.

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