Gold Pins For Jilbabs – Too Luxurious Or Not?

Although pins have been used to keep jilbabs in location properly for a long time, these pins were either portion of the artificial fashion jewelry collections or made of sterling silver. The latest style in these pins for jilbabs emerged in the body of gold. Now personally I like to choose pins that are pretty and color coordinate them with my jilbabs, though at identical time they are not also flashy, and I attempt to go for pins that are not too expensive, as often times I end up losing them anyway. Therefore when I saw the gold pins for head scarves, I was forced to ask the question as to whether these were a bit on the extravagant side.

However a necessary part of a Muslimah’s apparel, jilbabs have to be kept simple and basic. My understanding of our religion leads me to question the motives behind adorning the headscarves with gaudy gold pins, as Islam preaches modesty and simplicity. Therefore why is it that the Muslim lady feel the need to accessorize with high priced articles? Why are the simple pins not sufficient for the job of securing the hijabs in location? Isn’t all this considered to be a part of the extravagance that is discouraged in Islam?

As it turns out, not all people share my views regarding these questions. When talking to certain buddies, who too wear jilbabs, I understood that for certain people, these pins are a way of expressing themselves. As earrings and necklaces are not visible whilst putting on head coverings, these girl appears the need to adorn themselves in the exquisitely crafted gold pins which are visible for all to see. In addition, the affluent girl want to showcase their wealth for others to notice and this is just a small way in which they may accomplish that.

My point of view however , remains unwavered regarding these high priced and jewel encrusted pins that are popping all around the globe on hijabs, as I appears that a Muslim girl should costume tastefully, but at identical time wear clothing and accessories that are not overly attention grabbing and noticeable. These are the things that the messenger of Allah preached us and what is dear to Allah.

Accordingly being a good Muslimah have to entail observation of these protocols. This does not mean that it’s a crime to outfit nicely, however , the extreme display of gold in the form of huge pins could seem to be a little over a top.

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