Goal Set, Now What?

Assuming you’ve read through our other articles and have yourself completely up to speed with setting achievable, aligned goals then what’s next? The goal has been created and now you need to know what your next step is. So here we go, get ready, and let’s get your goal achieved!!!

The answer is really simple , so simple in fact, we want to be sure that you don’t miss it or discount it! Before any goal is achieved, before any visible progress is even made – recognize that certain actions were taken that set the tone for the entire journey of goal achievement.

Remember, no matter the size of the goal, or what we say, at the end of the day, we are defined by the actions we take towards those goals. Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz set goals, and took action to complete them. Donald Trump wanted to change the skyline of Manhattan, and set a goal to do it. How many more people dreamed of being billionaires or Olympians? How many dreamed of it, how many watched their dreams pass them by? The only ones whose names you remember are the ones who achieved their goals.

Consider the goal to be a destination of your journey. If you were the captain of a ship who wanted to travel from London to NY, there would be a lot to do to prepare. Obtaining your food and supplies, you’d pack clothes appropriate for your journey, decide on a route to take, and check weather forecasts are just a few of the things you’d do to insure successfully reaching your goal. It would be a lot of work to prepare, yet the journey hasn’t even begun!

Imagine if you didn’t do those things and you were in the middle of the sea before you realized something was amiss. You didn’t have enough supplies, food, or water. You forgot someone or something of extreme importance. Not preparing properly is the doom of any journey.

This may be obvious when it comes to taking a voyage yet it escapes so many when it comes to goal achievement. Once your goal is set, the first thing to do is take a look at where you are now, what you will need, and what knowledge you will need to complete your journey. It’s ok if you don’t know every detail – even a sailor can’t foresee every possibility – but if you have the major, foreseeable things taken care of, these unforeseen circumstances won’t be trip-enders.

In most cases there is typically some insight that is required in order for you to accomplish your goal. Whether it’s education via books or a class, a conversation with a mentor, or research into a business that has made it big… these things are all insights you can use to your benefit. However non-essential they may seem, they are of extreme value and important to your success. It may not feel like you are making progress but it has been said that for every step you take toward your goal, your goal takes one step towards you. This “step” is any action in the direction of your objective!

Intelligently directed action is as important to achievement as setting the right goal. The two cannot be separated. Action is only useful if it’s properly directed. Start with the end in mind.

The most important factor in your success is that you get the ball rolling quickly. We invite you to start taking action today.

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