Getting the Perfect Rabbit Hutch for Your Bunny – Do it in 5 Easy Steps

Getting a rabbit hutch for your pet bunnies is something you will never regret. It is more so if you own more than one.

You can always make your own. Although this has proven to be cheaper than buying a pre-made one from online shops, it will require skills and time. When you a buy a ready-made one from products online, this will definitely cost you an amount not less than a hundred dollars.

Whatever your decision is, only one thing matters and that is providing your bunnies a safe and clean environment. Here are some tips in choosing the best rabbit hutch.

Choose spacious rabbit hutches

Size does matter when you are buying or building a rabbit hutch. Your bunnies will appreciate it more if they can hop around the area. Allowing them to play outside every once in a while is a good form of exercise for them. However, you need to watch them closely if you do this.A huge rabbit hutch is the best alternative if you have no time to do this.

Go for one with a lot of accessories

You can find rabbit hutches with two or three compartments. You can even sometimes find a ramp from one floor to the other. Water bottles and feeding bowls should also be placed inside the pen. Again, creating this sort of environment won’t be possible if their hutch is too small.

Ventilation matters

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Good ventilation is always a part of the best frameworks ever created. More elaborate designs are also available like an A-house style or one that goes with several floors. Just make sure it is spacious enough for your bunnies to breather well. Get one with bigger wired areas.

In such case, make sure to avoid exposing your pets to direct sunlight for a long time. Also ensure their safety from extreme weather temperatures. Caring for them is of utmost importance as well because they might suffer when they are not given proper care.

Wire vs.Plastic mesh

When you are thinking of ventilation, rabbit hutch designers often use wire mesh. This is sometimes used as the floor for the excretion to drop directly to the ground. Unfortunately, bunnies easily get ‘bumble foot’, a condition wherein their paws develop sores because of the wires.

Consult a veterinarian when this happens. You can use plastic variants instead of wires. If you still prefer aluminum wire mesh because of it is sturdier, get ones which won’t be uncomfortable and injurious to your pet.

Make sure it is easy to clean

Sanitizing the rabbit hutch should be your number one concern. A dirty surroundings can make your bunny sick even though they are innately clean animals. Ideally, cleaning should be done once every week.

Bunnies are such cute pets to have. However, the first thing that should come to your mind is its safety and health.

Christopher Lunsford is a pet lover. He shares his tips and information on rabbit hutch and caring for rabbit hutches. For more resources, please follow the links.

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