Freshen Up Your Kitchen With These 10 Tricks

Are you bored with your kitchen? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to give it a little face lift. Just follow these tips and you’ll make big changes on a little budget.

1. Paint your walls. Choose a bright color like yellow, with touches of terra cotta, peach, and golds. Use a glazing technique to add shine to the walls and create depth and interest.

2. Paint the cabinets. Colorful paint will give your cabinet doors a new look without spending much money. Look for ways to highlight molding around the cabinet doors for interesting ways to add interest.

3. Paint your old floor. Yes, you may even be able to paint your floor. If the kitchen flooring is old, faded linoleum, ask your local paint supplier for the right material to use. If you have wood flooring, be sure to prep the floor before beginning any painting job. A splash of bright color and a layer of sealer and your kitchen has a whole new look.

4. Brighten the window. A colorful window treatment will work wonders. Simply purchase an inexpensive basswood shade and paint it in a bright color. You can use a partially dry brush and paint randomly for an aged look.

5. Try fabric to hide and brighten. If you have areas in your kitchen that aren’t worth seeing, hide them. Take a bit of colorful fabric, some Velcro, and create curtains to hide beneath the sink, a discolored dishwasher, or anything you really prefer not to see, or show off.

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6. Use colorful mismatched china to decorate. Put pretty cups and saucers on a shelf to create an interesting corner. Hang plates and cups on walls like artwork to make your kitchen not only prettier, but more playful.

7. Family photos can be decorative. Pretty frames covering the walls can be charming, and the smiling faces add interest to a boring kitchen. Gather your pictures and begin displaying them randomly or in a fun pattern to add a lot of fun.

8. Refresh the counter tops. If possible, remove the old counter tops and find replacements at your local re-store shop. Be creative and ask around about alternatives to expensive tile. If you can’t remove your counter tops, consider other methods, like painting and sealing.

9. Give your refrigerator a new look. If your refrigerator has seen its better days, have a local supplier cut chalkboard to fit the front and glue it directly to the surface of your refrigerator. Use pine boards to make a border and you will have your own personal note center right on your refrigerator.

10. Hang mirrors. When strategically place, mirrors can do wonders in a kitchen. Hang or glue mirrors to cabinets, doors, or walls to reflect the light coming in from your window. If you have a pretty shelf, put mirror tiles on the back to brighten your pretty collection and make it do double duty.

Your kitchen doesn’t need to bore you. A bit of imagination and work can turn a drab kitchen into a colorful oasis. Start with bright fabrics and paint, and see how fast your kitchen changes. Your workspace never needs to be dark and colorless. Brighten it up!

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