Free Online TV Is Here

Television on the Internet is here already, but what about free online TV? Significant numbers of free Internet TV providers already exist. In this ever-changing world, even more certainly can be expected.

These new services are known as “On-demand” or “Catch-up” TV. Worldwide, the major networks are offering various on-demand TV platforms. Examples would include Great Britain’s BBC, which developed the BBC iPlayer for customers’ ease and convenience. No longer were viewers slaves to BBC’s schedule.

Viewers now could watch their favorite soap opera or cowboy western or sci-fi fantasy whenever they wanted. Not to be left behind, England’s Channel 4 launched 4oD or “4 on Demand” in response. The majority of worldwide web TV services permit customers to watch favorite programs without charge. How can they do that?

In fact, accessing TV shows on the Internet has never been so simple — and it’s getting easier. If it is to become increasingly mainstream and utilized by everybody, however, it will have to become simpler and more accessible.

Accessing television on the Internet has never been so easy. Major media companies are dedicating vast resources to putting their broadcasts online. They are streaming shows over high-speed connections — and such devices as electronic games and everyday cell phones.

They are reaching out to small but dedicated audiences — such as chicken farmers checking on the latest techniques for composting dead birds or diehard virtual reality game players who are thrilled to learn shortcuts and hackable programming errors. Just log onto YouTube. There even a 14-year-old geek can make a video about how to take advantage of the latest Microsoft security glitch and upload their amateur-hour video to YouTube.

Vast thousands of viewers may result if the video goes “viral, ” slang alluding to how an infection, such as swine flu spreads. Such “viral videos” become immensely popular purely by word-of-mouth. Millions of viewers stream them on their computer screens — and watching them on free online TV.

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