Free Clairvoyance And You

If the thought of being clairvoyant has ever crossed you mind, you most likely are clairvoyant. Everyone experiences dreams that later come true, or have bad feelings about something that turn out to be true. These are episodes similar to those of dj vu, which ties in to the power of clairvoyance.

Many people learn to develop their senses of clairvoyance before they are able to know and feel certain things. You can develop your sense of clairvoyance as well, with a little practice.

The first thing you must know is that you already possess these powers. Take a moment to think about a time where you sensed something that happened later on. How many times has that happened to you? These powers are ‘free’ they come from nature; hence the title of this article ‘free clairvoyance’.

However, you have to learn more about this subject when you want to increase your clairvoyant senses. All it really takes to redirect your natural energies is learning a little more about what it is and how you can develop it into a major part of your personality.

Remember, if you do not use it you will lose it, this saying applies to clairvoyance as well. As you focus on its development more intensely, it is easier to tune into your spiritual self as well as enable you to pick up on events much easier than not.

Some individuals hold on to the misconception that you must be psychic to be clairvoyant or to develop such power. Some may wrongly consider that this type of power is unjustly evil or associated with witchcraft and so on. However, psychic powers such as clairvoyance is a natural inborn power. Some consider that we all routinely used such natural powers yet they have become subdued down through the years.

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While you were young you may have noticed your abilities to feel, sense or think of things that later came into reality. Children show clairvoyant capabilities more so than adults since they are full or innocent, positive energy and are highly receptive. Unfortunately, for many children, their parents or other elders convince them that this power is simply their imagination and then they start believing that there is no place for this power in the real world or that it does not exist at all.

You have more than likely repressed your own clairvoyant capabilities as you grew up; however, you do still have them. By choosing to develop your powers further you enable yourself to not only make logical decisions but decisions based on those things you feel inside yourself that come to you from the universe.

People who are highly clairvoyant have lives filled with light and joy. In order to begin enhancing your abilities, you must focus on ridding your life of negativity. There will always be an element of negativity in everyone’s life, but you can learn how to shut it out and turn it into something positive.

You will also be able to keep all of those negative thoughts from bombarding your mind and interrupting your inner sanctum of peace. Think about your life now. It is probably full of chaos and confusion, right? How would you like to focus your energies toward clearing out all of the ‘junk’ in your life and finally for once, having peace of mind and mental clarity?

Clairvoyance offers us the chance to return to real happiness and live in a world where no negativity can bring us down. If offers us the gift of sight, feeling, and harmony. This is ‘free clairvoyance’ because you do not need to pay someone else to interpret the messages you receive. All of us already have this power, we just need to learn how to use it!

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