For The Skills Needed To Begin A Sash Window Refurbishment Company

These units have some amazing features, but they can be high maintenance. A unique set of abilities is required for repairing them. Someone having these abilities, or able to acquire them, and having the necessary business aptitude, will have all the skills needed to begin a sash window refurbishment company.

This type of unit is composed of, most often, two panels made up of several glass panes each. The panes are held together and divided from each other by narrow wooden muntins. The bottom panel will slide along a vertical groove at the side jamb to open. Some panels slide horizontally. A hung sash system, that was at one time common in the US, has both panels movable vertically. They can be opened towards the middle. This allows warmer air from the top of the house to escape while cooler air is drawn in at the bottom, from outside.

The panels normally stay in whatever position they are placed in, without falling down. Balancing weights suspended by cords or chains inside the frame counter the weight of the panel. Sometimes springs and compressing weatherstripping also serve to hold the pane in the desired position.

Problems can arise with these complex systems. As time passes, the soft woods used for their construction can change through swelling, or distorting, causing sticking of the panels. Thick layers of paint carelessly applied can also cause this. Shrinking or rotting can result in panels that will slam down by themselves, rather than stay where placed. The cord and pulley system can stick and fail to allow sliding or weight balancing.

A carpenter’s ability to take apart the system and measure, cut and fasten new wooden parts, or glass panes, is desirable. Mechanical ability is utilized in dis-assembly, discovering defects in parts and installing and adjusting new ones. Hardware may need to be changed as well.

Laying out the project, measuring, cutting, and fastening parts, all in proper order will help to avoid unnecessary disassembling and redoing. Properly fitting panels and weather stripping will prevent drafts and loss of heat or cooling.

The skills needed to begin a sash window refurbishment company are several. Both carpenter and mechanical abilities are necessary for this project. Patience and the ability to handle detail and perform finishing quality work will help ensure success.

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