Finding A New Home Is A Concern Of Humanity In General.

Finding a new home is a problem for people across the world. Ironically it is most acute in countries like China where the communist government does not allow private ownership of property. There property prices exclude most ordinary people from owning their own home.

In communist or former communist countries it is difficult if not impossible for ordinary people to find homes of their own. The best way may be to apply to the government and then wait endlessly for government agencies to work. In China the government prides itself on socialism ‘with Chinese characteristics’ and this apparently means raw capitalism where property prices put new homes outside the reach of most working people.

Property prices have risen so sharply in recent years that most ordinary people who have not made fortunes for themselves cannot afford a home at all. They have to live with their extended families. The salaries that they earn do not bring them within reach of owning their own property.

This puts into perspective the difficulties of people living in free market economies. They may have to go deeply into debt in order to buy a home but at least there is hope for them. In many cases they may be helped by inheriting a home that has been in the family for a long time.

Even where people have not inherited property they may be in a position to buy property if they are lucky enough to have been born into a society where ownership of property is permitted. If they can save enough for a deposit they will be able to borrow and buy a property. Once their foot is on the ladder they can use the property that they own as a stepping stone to reach higher up the property wall.

Location must be taken into account when looking to buy anew. Properties in an upmarket suburb or complex will be worth very much more than those in a poorer neighbourhood. However, many people like to live near to other people like themselves and will not be happy in a ‘posh’ district. This is why, all over the world, some huge and expensive houses stand awkwardly amidst humble shacks like monuments to ostentation.

Aspect is another vital consideration when finding a new home. Some houses look gloomily at a road running past their front door and others keep their faces away from the sun and keep their backs to the view. It is best to find a dwelling with a cheerful aspect because that will make for happiness within the four walls. A house should catch the morning sun in rooms where it matters and have other rooms where the last rays of the day are welcomed.

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