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Selecting the right host for the forum can be a difficult time selecting the perfect host for you online forum, many adverts would indicate they provide the best service but do they? Quite often a host provides good service at first only for things to become poor. This may come from servers being sold to too many people, quality of service becoming poorer or having to wait a while for answers. These occurrences can cause a person to look for a new hosting provider.

Finding reliable in formation before you make a decision can benefit you greatly. The following advice will hopefully help you find the right host for all your needs.

Web hosting and simple facts

As the business world becomes more and more dependant on the Internet, the choice of a web hosting provider is becoming very important. A wrong choice can leave you in the lurch. You may need to choose a good web host for a variety of purposes – making an e-commerce website, setting up a personal web page, or sharing data easily with all your employees across the world. Whatever be the reason, your choice would be critical. You should not focus only on the price and value of the web hosting package; you should also take into consideration things like high quality service and good web connections.

Given you now know the basics, there are techniques and strategies people can follow to find the best host for their needs.

What follows next is a list of companies who can provide forum hosting help. All of these companies provide forums and can do so very well with regards to cost and efficiency.

Some of the top web host firms that offer Forum support

1. Bluehost –

2. Hostpapa –

3. Powweb –

4. ixwebhosting –

5. Hostpapa –

6. Hostmonster –

7. Hostgator –

8. Hostmonster –

Having a list of these companies is one thing, choosing which one to go with is another. You would ask questions based on your own needs and requirements. For instance, how much space is required or how much bandwidth would require.

If you want to host a forum, you will need round about 50 GB bandwidth per month and on average, 10 GB of space to store items. These figures are a general example and the needs of your website may differ. If the website you run does not have many images, you may not need a lot of space. However, if your site had a large number of graphics, the opposite would be the case. The host you choose should be able to provide you with information about what you require.

Aim for stability

It can be hellish moving your site between different hosts and downtime, data losses and various problems can occur making life hard for your business. This makes being stable something to aim for that is vital when having a web host provision. It can help to find an established provider which means you need to talk to past customers and see if they received good service. If they had bad experiences so might you, so why take the risk? A little research can make a big difference.


Cost is the important cost for many folk and it will vary due to bandwidth and storage needs. The packages for hosting will usually combine these groups:

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Hosting that is shared

Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Private Server

You need to make your choice based on your budget and the size of your forum.

Details about the various options:

Hosting that is shared- This is where the web host owns the server and lets many sites rent space from it. This is the cheap option for many sites but it can have an impact on the quality of the forum as so many sites battle for the same power. This could lead to poor performance from your site.

Hosting that is dedicated Hosting – This is the higher end of the market coming with better performance. No other firm is fighting for your server space so that element is better but this requires a level of skill and expertise. Failing that, it possible to contract an external agent to running this service for you and you can buy a server or rent it.

Dedicated Hosting – This is the high end option providing top quality at a high price. There is no other site competing with you on the server which is great but you may need to know a lot about how to run a server. It is possible to pay a firm to manage your server and you can either buy the server or rent it.


This is another major deciding factor in your search to find the best web hosting provider for your forum. Good service and technical support form the backbone of the web hosting service. You may safely choose a provider which is very popular, since a large number of clients is a good indicator of the quality and stability of the web host. Just remember that they are also the ones who are under the maximum amount of resource strain, since they are servicing such a large number of clients. If your web host has too many clients, service may suffer or your site may become slow because of resource competition on the server.

Be sure to test the technical support capabilities of the hosting provider that you choose. Check with the existing clients. The following checklist may aid you in your efforts:

How fast can they come up with solutions to your problems?

How good are the solutions provided?

Are the technicians always on call?

What is the support policy on holidays and after work hours?

Do they respond quickly be email?

Do they make service a priority or are they prone to evasions and excuses?

Solutions offered to these questions will give you a better idea of what host is right for you.


It can be very difficult to find a good host but the information provided should help you. Many people say that the relationship between a website and a host provider is a lot like a marriage. Just like real life, separating can be a difficult and costly affair. To be sure you get the best deal undertake a lot of research before you make the final decision.

About the author: William MacMahon is a professional blogger and server admin in the web hosting industry. Visit to join him on his search for the top hosting companies each month.

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