Fertility-Boosting Foods That Can Help You Get Pregnant

There has never been a shortage of advice or wives’ tales telling women what food will help them get pregnant. The simple fact is though; you can eat almost anything and still fall pregnant. However, some foods that many swear by may actually have some fertility-boosting qualities to them.

Oysters are famously known for their aphrodisiac qualities, but what isn’t well known is their ability to boost fertility. It is packed full of zinc, an important nutrient in conception. Without enough zinc in the body, the menstrual cycle disrupts and the production of quality eggs slows. Even if you are not into oysters, you can find zinc in beef, chicken, eggs, nuts, and dairy.

Citrus fruits – Vitamin C is essential in increasing your chances of conceiving. It is also vital for women who take fertility medications and even helps women with ovulation problems by improving their fertility. Even men can benefit as vitamin C keeps their sperm from clumping together. Antioxidants found in vitamin C are one of the keys of falling pregnant, especially if you are a smoker hoping to conceive.

Yams – If you are trying to conceive, you may want to pile the yams on your plate this Thanksgiving. Researchers believe that these are actually fertility boosters that contain an ovulation-stimulating substance. They have done a study that shows a high rate of twins in women who eat wild yams. Even if you have to settle for store bought yams, you can still be sure they are packed with fertility friendly vitamins and that is reason enough to eat them.

Lean meats such as beef, chicken, and turkey are all great providers of a very important fertility-boosting nutrient: iron. It has been found that women with an iron deficiency have a harder time falling pregnant than those who do not. The trick here is not to overeat protein, as that may decrease fertility. Try for three servings a week and replace one animal protein with beans or tofu at times.

Berries not only taste good, they are packed with antioxidants that protect the body from cell damage and cell aging. And, that includes your eggs. Raspberries and blueberries are the best in berries, but strawberries and blackberries are good for your fertility too. Just grab a handful as a snack, make a pie, or top pancakes and waffles with them in the morning to get your fill.

While stuffing your body full of good for you fertility foods, you have to learn which ones to avoid. Trans fat is the biggest culprit. Too much trans fat in your diet increases the chances of ovulatory infertility, which decreases your chances of conceiving. Caffeine is another culprit, in all forms. It has been linked to low fertility and while it includes coffee and strong tea, chocolate is also in that equation.

It is important to eat healthy whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, so it just makes sense to eat fertility-boosting foods if you are. Not only are you giving your body the healthy nutrients and vitamins it needs, you are increasing you chances of conception at the same time. And, since you will need a well balanced diet when you fall pregnant, it just makes sense to start prepregnancy with fertility-friendly foods.

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