Causes Of Falling Out Eyelashes

Although people experience the frustration of their total hair thinning or falling out there are numerous who may notice extreme loss or thinning of eyelashes. It can occur on a single eyelid or both and may be extremelyfrustrating to women especially. But what can cause your eyelashes to fall out and what can you do today to stop it?

In case you are healthy and are not experiencing loss of hair on your head but only on the eyelashes you may then expect to have an allergy to the cosmetics. Perhaps you have recently switched mascara or eye make-up brands? Maybe you are allergic to just one on the ingredients in these products. Switch to a hypoallergenic product instead and discover if this helps your condition. Other problems may perhaps be that you are using waterproof mascara. It does take more effort to get rid of this kind of mascara and that could possibly be precisely what is making your eyelashes fall out. Use different mascara and always use a make-up remover or baby oil to get rid of it before washing the face. This will prevent you from pulling out eyelashes.

Another culprit might be your eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers tug and pull on your eyelashes and can be causing breakage on the lashes. Discontinue deploying it for awhile and discover when they re-grow.

If this isn’t your cosmetics or eyelash curler which are causing your lashes to fall out it could be your diet. Maybe you have recently restricted your calories or gone on a diet that restricts proteins or another necessary nutrients? People who are struggling with anorexia nervosa or bulimia could also experience hair and eyelash loss. Eating a normal, balanced diet is the only way that you should keep your hair and lashes strong, thick and healthy.

There are some medical ailments that can cause have an effect on eyelashes. In case you are experiencing thinning hair together with loss in your eyelashes it might be you have a condition called alopecia areata. It is anautoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles and restricts the formation and expansion of hair. Hypothyroidism may also cause hair thinning, reduction in eyelashes and extreme fat gain. Hormonal imbalances can also be at fault as well as other autoimmune diseases. If you are experiencing other symptoms combined with loss of your eyelashes you should confer with your doctor.

Although some loss of hair and thinning of this lashes could be normal as you age, extreme loss for a short time might be something to become focused on. By trying the above suggestions you may be in a position to stop your lashes from falling out once again grow long, lush eyelashes.

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