Careers And Family Planning Are Complimenting

Having children is both fulfilling and enriching socially and psychologically. They ferment marriage relationships and their absence can be detrimental to the loving relationship between the parties involved. But having children also comes with challenges as parents work to earn money with which to care for their children. Careers and family planning therefore have a strong relationship since they reinforce each other.

While children are interesting to have, you also need time to pursue career obligations to fulfill other ambitions and provide for the family. Conceiving babies is the easiest in the whole process since it is a necessary consequence of sexual pleasures. Very few people and in very few circumstances if any, engage in sexual intercourse with the prime objective of having babies.

If nature was to take its on course then many sexual intercourse would result in pregnancies. Many couples would in such situations end up with more responsibilities than they can shoulder and a lot miseries. These are the situations which have seen some men run away from their families.

The issue of careers and family planning is even great for women. Childbearing entails nine months of pregnancy followed by delivery. During pregnancy the woman feels extremely tired and often experiences a series of complications which affect her output at work. A lot of time offs are taken for both prenatal and postnatal clinics.

When the above instances become repetitive and frequent then life becomes less interesting. Such would deny a woman an opportunity to engage in meaningful employment and to develop her potential. Employers also limit the number of children covered in insurance schemes and similar benefits. It might therefore not be wise to try and fulfill the biblical prophesy of filling the earth.

It is necessary for a couple to decide how many children they need and when. Certain measures are required to provide couples with the necessary means to determine their own destinies. Abstinence is not practical since sexual urge becomes stronger when the chances of conception are even higher.

Careers and family planning have an important relationship since they are reinforcing. Parents need the means with which to control nature. They must decide when to have children and when not. This will help them plan and meet their obligations as parents and members of society. Being overburdened with bringing up children makes it difficult to concentrate on issues of development.

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