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It’s so easy to change the television if only there’s something wrong, they used to say. If it was, why would people be so angry if there’s anything changed? Would they protest if one or another channel got deleted? They wouldn’t. But they do.

Why people get so tied to the TV they watch? It’s all about the channels and programs emitted by them. If there’s a thing we happened to like, we’d be likely to watch it again. That’s why sitcoms – for instance – are so popular. However, the same channel can be provided by different television options. Equally well, it can be watchable thank to one TV solely or – often as well – only with tv by internet. It all depends.

Sometimes a channel can totally disappear, and sometimes only for a period of time. The thing is that interesting channels have their own group of followers who would have nothing against changing the television to watch their favorite programs. Basically, traditional public television is channel changes resistant. There are a few channels, sponsored by the government, and it’s almost impossible to move any of them.

By choosing traditional TV, we can be sure no program will quickly disappear. And how it is with tv by internet? On one hand, it’s even better. There is much more channels to choose from, while – simultaneously – it’s easier to remain faithful to each of them. If the channel disappears from one tv by internet provider’s offer, we can turn to another and check.

However, the problem could be different, what is especially meaningful in case of less popular, local channels. While it’s easy to set up an own channel, it’s even easier to close it. There are numerous channels enabled online every day and the same much channels closed.

As a consequence, if the channel we’ve liked watching gets definitely closed, nothing is going to change the situation. Changing the TV provider nor even changing the type of television preferred couldn’t help. It’s called the death of TV, by the way. People usually get tied to channels that matter. Channels who are important to them because of regular news programs, political option or – equally well – lots of fun and entertainment.

Everyone expects something different from television and the best it would be to make all of them find what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, it’s impossible. And thank to tv by internet – closer than ever before.

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