Best of Birmingham Nightlife

One of the most entertaining places to travel in the UK around Easter is Birmingham. It offers plenty of shops, restaurants, clubs, dancing, and other activities for the entire family. What you decide to do obviously depends on who is accompanying you on the trip, but no matter what there will be something for everyone. One place we highly recommend for singles or couples is Club Birmingham.

Then again; there are plenty of places to choose from, especially if you head down Broad Street. This is where all the fun happens with a host of bars, restaurants, accommodations, and theatres. The first night you step out into this sector will make you realise that seeing and experiencing all the places just can’t happen in a 24 hour period.

Here are a few places you might want to explore while you’re looking for things to do in Birmingham:

Oceana Nightclub- Taking advantage of five bars and two clubs all wrapped into one area is definitely an enjoyable experience. Setting foot in Oceana will make you realise that there isn’t anything else worth seeing. It’s a must do place to add to your itinerary when checking out all the Club Birmingham spots.

There are also 7 different types of package deals you can utilise during your time at the Oceana Nightclub: * Celebration Pack * Designated Driver * Clubber * Moet * Party for 4 * Party for 2 * VIP Booth

Each package offers benefits that are designed for your partying needs. A great example of this is the Designated Driver Pack. It is specifically designed for the person who is responsible for his or her friends, so you are just as entertained as everyone else. No waiting in line, soft drink vouchers, and even a discount on your ticket.

Gatecrasher- If you’re looking for an award winning establishment then Gatecrasher offers plenty of them. This hotspot offers a 21st century design, great music, and dancing like you wouldn’t believe. The techno-vibe is creative while the staff can be just as entertaining as all the hot men and women in the club.

There are a total of nine bars, four clubs, and six other places that are considered featured areas. No matter what type of preference you have when it comes to music, Gatecrasher definitely offers up something for everyone. By the way; did we mention the Saturday night student discount?

Clubs Birmingham offer a range of options in front of you and are considered as the two best spots on Broad Street. While this is true there are places for the casual get together as well. We understand everything isn’t about dancing the night away, so take advantage of the other things to do in Birmingham as well. It’s an enjoyable escape from the rest of the world, even if it’s only for a night or weekend. Just remember to take some aspirin and get hydrated before you head out on Broad Street. Thanks to all the fun you’re about to have, the following morning could be a drag if you don’t take the necessary precautions around the Club Birmingham nightlife.

This article is written on behalf of Luminar Leisure. For other information please also see club Brighton

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