Beaches of the North Atlantic

North Atlantic Beaches – Are you planning to enjoy a luxurious beach holiday, but find it difficult in choosing a destination? You are not alone, that’s for sure. There are many great beach vacations near the east coast of the United States, from Bermuda to Georgia. Here are 4 tips that can arouse your curiosity and help you narrow your choice for great destination for beach vacation.

Bermuda for Luxurious Travel – A famous port for cruise ships requires a little over two-hour flight from New York, so it’s a fantastic holiday destination in the Atlantic on the east coast. When you are in Hamilton, you can take a romantic horse and buggy ride and explore this picturesque region. Love the club scene? Prepare to be dazzled in a cave with stalactites, stalagmites, natural lakes and all that is only a 20 minute cab ride from the dock on Front Street. You can also check out the luxurious Ariel Sands, which gives you 47 guest rooms, tasty cuisine and breathtaking views. The Pink Bermuda beaches are world famous and worth spending your time for the relaxation factor on the beaches and rev up the fun in some water sports activities. There is much to do and see on the island, and as long as you’re not on a diet, you should visit the rum cake factory in Saint George’s. But if you are, I would recommend that you go and visit the perfume factory also in Saint George. If you have children with you, consider 9 Beaches of Bermuda. Your kids will definitely love the Aquarium, the Crystal Caves, and the zoo. If what you are looking for is calm and shallow water, you can go to Tobacco Bay, Jobson’s Cove and Church Bay. There are also other various beaches in Bermuda where you can explore their bright turquoise and sapphire blue water. If you are interested in art, you have to pay a visit to the Centre for the Arts and the Museum of Bermuda it’s a must for history buffs.

Jamaica Me for Privacy and Romance – Jamaica is known for the friendliest people in the world. There are endless choices of beach vacations on this Caribbean island, with their amazing room accommodations and superb views of the Caribbean, Jamaican cuisine and let’s not forget the beautiful beaches! Caves Resort in Jamaica helps to set your mood for pleasure and relaxation. The Black River Safari day trip along the Black River offers one of the most memorable activities you’ll experience during your stay in Jamaica. Discover some native crocodiles and experience the magic of wildlife.

U.S. Virgin Islands a Haven to Be Discovered – Named by Columbus in 1493, this area consists of islands of Culebra and Vieques, with a surrounding islands and cays. The Spanish Virgin Islands were a well guarded secret, even back to the days of Bluebeard, and other famous pirates who used this as their hide-out island. In this vacation destination you can take pleasure in the comfort of blue water and sandy beaches. St. John Caneel Bay and its 7 beaches on the property are highly recommended to visit while the Ritz Carlton and St. Thomas resorts offer the best of extravagant hotels during your beach vacation to the Islands. There are plenty of discoveries yet to be made in the isolated anchorages, white sand beaches, spectacular diving spots, pristine islands and fantastic coral reefs.

Georgia for Beach and Golf – Georgia is another popular East Coast destination. You’ll find at least 54 sites of championship golf, sandy beaches and a wide range of activities you can do during your vacation. Lake Lanier Islands, near Atlanta is a small group of islands on Lake Lanier, the largest lake in Georgia. This vacation resort has been privately owned since the early 1990s. This can be an ideal destination for the entire family. They offer golf for you and a water park for children with water towers, slides and water attractions.

Whatever your reasons are for a beach vacation, always remember to choose the beach that will suit your style. Go ahead and make a plan and decide what you want on your beach vacation and then start making reservations. Why wait when there are so many great opportunities and new experiences to have. The key is to think carefully about what you want on your vacation and then find the perfect beach accordingly. Start today and set a date for your next vacation or it will never happen.

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