Bacterial Vaginosis- Symptoms and Risks

According to Center for Disease Control Bacterial Vaginosis is a sexually transmitted disease, however it is not. It is an overgrowth of bacteria in the body. Another name for this is BV. It is also more common in women. Other may also call it an infection. BV is not an infection either and it cannot be passed from person to person as some may believe.

The most common symptoms of BV include abnormal discharge in the vaginal area. This is usually associated with a very foul odor. The discharge is usually gray or white and usually smells the strongest after intercourse. Some other symptoms can be burning upon urination as well as some itching. The itching usually occurs on the outside of the vagina. In some rare cases there can be no symptoms.

When there are no symptoms women can go a long time without realizing that they have this. This can cause some risks. Some risks that are associated with BV can be minor but they can also be very serious. This is why it is very critical that BV is diagnosed and treated quickly. This can be difficult when it is unknown.

Some of the risks that are associated with BV can include a higher risk of contracting HIV if the infected person is exposed to the HIV virus. If the female has the HIV infection as well as bacterial vaginosis, this can lead to a higher risk of her giving HIV to her partner. BV can also cause infection during some surgical procedures. If the female has BV while she is pregnant it can cause preterm labor as well as many other complications. Having BV can also increase the risk of other sexual transmitted diseases.

Seeking treatment is crucial when you have BV not only because of the risks and complication that it can cause but also the discomfort it causes as well. In most cases symptoms will occur and let women know that something is not right. If no symptoms are present then bacterial vaginosis can go untreated until it is stumbled upon from other vaginal complications. While treatment is needed one should be aware of the fact that there are natural remedies out there that can help with treating bacterial vaginosis and should not be fooled into believing that antibiotics are the only option that they have. In many cases when treated with antibiotics you will find that within a few weeks more women than not have a reoccurrence.

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