Bacterial Vaginosis- Doctors Have No Permanent Cure

When many of us realize that we have a smell that is coming from our vaginal area we look to try to find remedies that will help cure it quickly. There are many different reasons that one might suffer from a foul vaginal smell. The number one reason seems to be bacterial vaginosis. You will find that this happens with the natural bacteria become imbalanced. This can happen from a poor diet, antibiotic use, pills for birth control, and more. You will find that this odor is likely going to have a smell that is stronger after you have had intercourse.

When a doctor prescribes you antibiotics you will find that they kill all bacteria that you have in your vagina instead of working to help make sure that a normal balance of bacteria is restored. Since both bacteria are being destroyed it will seem as though the problem has resolved.

Doctors are not able to understand the exact reason that bacterial vaginosis happens. All they know how to do is keep prescribing antibiotics until it seems to go away. In some cases this could take many different treatments of many different antibiotics and this in and of itself could be a problem with causing bacterial vaginosis.

If you are looking for a cure that is easy you should know that you can observe your own health, hygiene, and lifestyle to help with being able to identify the real reason that you suffer with a horrible smell caused by BV. Some of the reasons that are the most common at putting you at a risk that is higher than most are as follows:


*New sexual partner

* Sex that is unprotected

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*Douching too much

*Washing too much

* Other vaginal complications

*Hormone changes that occur after and during pregnancy

*Antibiotics and Oral Contraceptives


Once you are able to understand the reason you are developing bacterial vaginosis you will surely be able to find a natural remedy that will help you with being able to rid yourself of this embarrassing and smelly condition. The internet is a great place for one to start their search of natural remedies that are sure to help them rid themselves of this condition for good. Once you have rid yourself of BV you will need to make sure that you use natural methods to help with preventing BV if you don’t want to end up contracting this condition again.

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