Advantages of Mouth Guards to Atheletes

For those who are involved in any kind of sports, a mouth guard could be a very essential way to protect your teeth. Individuals immediately think of mouth guards in football and boxing, however they are equally important in other sports activities such as baseball, gymnastics and also fencing. In such sports, significant damage to the mouth and teeth can happen, which can be avoided or greatly reduced by use of a mouth guard as recommended by many dental experts just like the Richmond dentist.

A simple answer would appear to be a generic mouth guard obtained in a department or sports supply store. These mouth guards are usually reasonably priced and readily obtainable, but aren’t going to offer much protection to your mouth and teeth. Furthermore, their generic design implies it might be not easy to breathe or talk while wearing them, because they don’t match the person shape of your mouth. They are also not recommended for usage with braces or other corrective dental devices.

The next step up is a “boil and bite” mouth guard. While still fairly generic, the boil and bite mouth guard allows for some personalization. It consists of a plastic tray filled with a gel-like substance. The full mouth guard is boiled in water to soften the gel and then you bite into the gel to make a unique impression of your own teeth. This kind of mouth guard works better than the generic kind, but still doesn’t offer the best available protection for your mouth. It also can still make it difficult for the wearer to breathe and speak during use and for any kind of sports; you’ll want to be sure breathing is unobstructed and comfortable.

The best kind of mouth guard is one that’s been custom-designed for you by a dental professional such as Richmond dentists. Because it’s designed for you and only you, it gives you the best level of protection and can also be designed to help protect brackets or some other corrective devices you may have. It would feel like an expensive alternative, but in the future it’ll be less expensive when compared with repairing damage done to your teeth in case your mouth is damaged during a sports event.

This kind of mouth guard is constructed from a mold your dentist like Richmond dentists takes of your teeth. The process is relatively simple, and the resulting product is much more comfortable than any store-bought counterpart, allowing for easier breathing and talking while the mouth guard is in use.

For detailed information about what mouth guard is best for you, consult your dentist like your Richmond dentist. Protecting your teeth is worth the investment.

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