Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting 3D TV

3D television, what is it?

Three dimensional television or 3D TV refers to a television set that makes use of stereoscopic capture, 3D display, multi-view captures, and other 3D presentation techniques to project a program into a realistically made three-dimensional field. Simply put, it is an emerging technology that allows consumers to enjoy 3D movies, TV programs, and video games in the comfort of their own home. Many say 3D Television is the next big thing, although many consumers are still in doubt about this, while TV manufacturers are beginning to offer 3D TV in the market. Should you replace your old, reliable flat screen for this technology? Here is a rundown of the things you need to consider in getting a new 3D TV or not for your home.


If you want to buy 3D TV this early, you have to know that it take big money to do that at this time. If you check the current prices of 3D TVs and compare them with their 2D counterparts, you will know what the previous statement means. For example, you will find Phillips 3D TVs that cost from $3000-$12,000 depending on the model.

Aside from getting the set, you will also need to have access to 3D broadcast programming to get true 3D content. Moreover, you need to buy a few more things such as 3D Blu-ray player, 3D movies, and 3D glasses.

What to Watch

Lack of content is one of the major concerns about having a 3D TV. Content is a major limitation right now when it comes to 3D TV. Currently, there is very little that you can watch in 3D TV, although content providers like ESPN, DreamWorks, Discovery, and Direct TV already said that they will be ready to provide the needed content next year. You surely want to see a wide selection of movies and shows in 3D if you are paying such a high price for 3D TV, although you can still watch 2D content on your 3D TV.In addition, there will definitely going to have a lot of 3D games in the next year or two. Most video games companies are already designing 3D games. In addition, if you own PlayStation 3, you will surely be pleased to know that it is 3D compatible.

Should you get one?

It is difficult to say what will be the future of 3D TV since it is still in its early days of development. Definitely, there is a lot of room for improve this technology. The 3D home entertainment market is sure to improve rapidly as time passes by.

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