A Razor Scooter is A Fantastic Gift for Children as Young as Five

There is nothing more fun than being a child today. When I was between the ages of six and ten, I did not have a scooter, but instead a Big Wheel. As much fun as the Big Wheel was, the scooter is lighter and easier to carry around. I know this to be true because my twin girls both have a Razor Scooter.

Their scooter was a Christmas gift which has been used ever since it was opened. Nothing could be more fun for children six and under than this style scooter. This style Razor Scooters come in a diversity of colors to match any child?s personality.

Children today have a great deal of options when it comes to outdoor toys. If a child wants to become mobile, all they need to do is pick up their light weight Razor Scooter. These Razor Scooters come in four styles, depending on a child?s age. There is the A, A2, A3 and A5. Each of these Razor A Scooters is designed for a child?s weight.

So, if a five year old or older likes the Razor A and weighs at least 40 lbs, this is the Razor for them. This razor is made of aluminum, has two wheels, rubber handles, back brake, folds up easily and weighs 35.0 lbs. The rubber handles are great for this toy as it is extremely unlikely to break down as soon as if it did not have such handles.

The Razor A2 can be ridden by children aged eight and up. This Razor should also be ridden by kids who weigh 143 lbs. The Razor A2, like the Razor A, is also made from aluminum along with steel, has two 54mm wheels, rubber handles, back brake, folds up readily and weighs 6.0 lbs.

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With the Razor being so lightweight, it permits a child to carry their Razor if they want. If children start doing tricks on their Razor, this is the model to begin with. This model can also be used for a child reaching ages ten to eleven.

The Razor A3 is designed for children aged five and up. Just like the Razor A and A2, it is manufactured from aluminum and steel, can be folded up quickly, has adjustable rubber handles, wider wheels and has a Rear Fender Brake.

This brake has two components, whereas the back brake on the other two models has one part. The wider wheels make this razor easier to do tricks on as well. This Razor makes for a smoother ride and is easier to manoeuvre as well.

Then there is the Razor A5 which is suitable for children eight and up. This Razor is also manufactured from the same materials as the other Razors. Now, if you are searching for a Razor which can hold a weight capacity 200lbs and more, this is the scooter for you. Besides having a higher weight capacity, the bigger wheels make for a smoother, more comfortable and easier ride. There are two wheels which are 200mm.

The Razor has been around since the nineties and was first used in a Taiwan factory. These Razors then made their way to California where they became an instant hit. Nothing could be easier to ride all around the neighborhood, at local parks and even to work than any one of these razors. One of the best gifts to give a child is a Razor as they will last for a fife time and be used a great deal too.

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