A Quick Guide To Successful Meeting Planning And Preparation

On the subject of effective meeting planning and scheduling, the main thing to keep in mind is actually the planning itself. If you don’t plan it well, it won’t go well. This actually means that… You really shouldn’t over plan it, either. Rather, have an idea in mind, and then just get the meeting over and done with. If you try to plan out every single minute of the meeting, you won’t accomplish much, as breakthroughs don’t happen on a restrictive time frame.

Plan your meetings around 1-2 themes, know the points you want to go after during that meeting, and leave it at that. Don’t set your meeting up with an itinerary, don’t think that you can predict exactly who’s going to say what during the meeting, just have a loose idea of what’s going to happen, what’s going to be discussed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before the next meeting planning.

Be Practical

Again, you won’t solve every problem in the company in a single meeting. Plan to keep your meeting focused on just one subject and keep it focused on that subject. Don’t think you’re going to make your own name on the Fortune 500 after a single meeting. If you get too ambitious, the only thing you’ll succeed is in frustrating your employees and confusing them. You won’t really accomplish anything because unless you’re focused, you can’t accomplish much, so set your sights realistically.

Focus On One Target

Again, if you can’t stay focused, then you won’t accomplish anything. Set your sights on one, single goal, and work towards it. This keeps you and your people from getting confused or overwhelmed. Think of it like.. When you pay your bills, you write out each check or money order one at a time, you don’t try to write the electric with your left hand, the water with your right, and the phone and rent with your feet. Do one thing at a time.

Hold The Meeting Around Lunch Time

Or whenever the mid-day is for your enterprise. You don’t want to do it in the morning or else you have a number grumpy people who really don’t want to be here. After lunch, everyone gets slow and sluggish having just had big meals. Around the mid-day is when your people have had their coffee, they’ve woken up, and they’re ready to actually provide their own recommendations while at the same time listening during the meeting, as opposed to just zoning out looking forward to their first cup of joe.

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