A Look At What Tunisia Offers Tourists

Popular tourist destinations seem to follow fashion trends. When an area becomes fashionable and celebrities are pictured in magazines lazing on beaches and yachts soaking up the sun, it instantly becomes a place where more people want to visit. But what drives the celebrities there in the first place? Do they all just decide to go on holiday in the same location or is there something about the particular places that draws them there?

Some countries are continually popular with tourists year on year. Places such as the French Riviera, Greece and Spain and its islands in the Mediterranean Sea are continuously popular jaunts for tourists due to their widespread appeal. There are other countries, though, that are also popular for other reasons, not least of which because they offer something that nowhere else is able to offer. Tunisia is one of these places; able to provide tourists with an experience that is different from anywhere else.

Tunisia is a country of just over ten million inhabitants on the northern coast of Africa. It is actually the northernmost country in Africa and is flanked by Algeria to the west and Libya to the south-east. The Tunisian Republic, to give it its official name, boasts a massive eight hundred and ten miles of coastline and a large proportion of the south of the country is taken up by the Sahara Desert.

Some might say that Tunisia’s coastline is its best asset, but that opinion is subjective and although it offers some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean sea, there is a lot more to Tunisia than sand. If it is a good beach you are looking for, the most popular in Tunisia is Port el-Kantaoui, with Hammamet beach coming a close second. Port el-Kantaoui is a tourist complex that was actually first modeled on the French town of Port Grimaud.

Tunisia has also become famous as the location in which a number of extremely high grossing movies have been filmed. The English Patient and Raiders of the Lost Ark were both filmed there, along with two Star Wars films; A New Hope and The Phantom Menace. One specific location for the movie Star Wars:A New Hope, specifically the lead characters childhood home, has now been turned into a hotel where visitors can come to stay in subterranean rooms and eat dinner surrounded by sci-fi props. Whereas the hotel previously mentioned (the Sidi Driss hotel in Matmata) is not that difficult to locate on a map, finding the different locations in which other blockbusters were filmed may prove a little more difficult without a prior internet search or a guide.

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