A Look At The Risk Associated With Second Hand Motor Vehicle Purchase

Finding a budget motor vehicle is a process that may be fraught with danger. It seems there are a never ending supply of unscrupulous second hand vehicle owners keen to sell you their wreck for a vastly overinflated price, while happily neglecting to mention the large list of pricey issues that the vehicle has. Usually the method in which you source a budget motor vehicle will have a big impact on your chance of actually driving away a real bargain, and this article will check out both the strengths and the weaknesses of some of the varied approaches available.

Car auctions have always been a popular alternative with car buyers and it’s easy to get a terrific bargain, however due to the lack of recourse available if the vehicle you purchase turns out to have critical engine trouble or other problems, it can also be an effective way to pay a huge sum of cash for a car that’s worth only a fraction of what you paid. This hit and miss factor means that motor vehicle auctions are only really for those willing to take a giant gamble with their cash.

Another possibility could be to look at buying a second hand car from a car dealers, but the identical risk applies really, although you will be able to test drive the car before buying. Whenever you buy a second hand vehicle from a dealer it’s possible you’ll get a week to return the motor vehicle, but after that, when something goes wrong you are pretty much left to foot the bill. This could possibly be really expensive if the motor vehicle has a significant issue that has been patched in a roughshod manner to secure a sale.

There are other methods of discovering low-cost second hand cars, gumtree or ebay for example, but the same story applies here. No guarantees are available and no cover is given. Once you pay for the car you’re out on a limb, and problems the motor vehicle has that you simply failed to notice on the time of purchase are your problems now, not the sellers.

Car leasing is definitely worth contemplating, although you don’t really own the vehicle, you additionally don’t have to worry about the amount of value the car looses each year hitting your investment. Leasing provides a brand new showroom condition car for less than a hundred pounds a month, you also get all the peace of mind that comes with this in terms of a producers warranty. Reliability and repair bills are not even a factor with this approach, you are totally covered.

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