A Guide To Maintain Your Generator

Homeowners who are planning to get a generator for their house, need to consider many things. The thing to think upon is the size of the generator. It is decided on the basis of number of items that you want to run using your generator in an emergency. When you go to a store for getting a generator, note down all the specifications on a piece of paper so that you can conveniently make the selection.

In case you are thinking that you will be able to run all your major appliances like air conditioning system, refrigerator etc at once using the generator then that is not possible. Only the important appliances that you want to operate urgently should be powered using your generator. In case, your priority is to operate any medical equipment then that should be powered first using the generator.

When you have decided to purchase a particular unit for your house and brought that, your next step should be to read all the instructions of using it and maintaining it. Make sure that you don’t skip pages. If you will be little careless while using your generator then that can prove to be very dangerous for you.

If a generator will not be used properly, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock and even fire. If you do not want to face any of these situations, make sure that you have full information related to it when you are switching it on.

You need to keep certain tips in your mind while using a generator. A generator should not be used in a closed or partially enclosed space. Doing so can create issues with carbon monoxide. The gas cannot be seen or smelled, so it is particularly dangerous.

Get battery powered CO alarms for your house as they will alert you. When you will get to know that you are in some problem then you can take any step accordingly. Its batteries should be checked on a regular basis. The generator should always be kept at a dry place and plug the items directly into the generator. In case you are using any extension cord then make sure that you use only an outdoor rated cord that is recommended by the manufacturer.

The cords of the generator should be checked for any signs of wear on regular basis. When the machine is hot, don’t replace the fuel. Refilling should be done only when it cools down completely. Generators are in great demand in the areas that face constant power cut problems and in the emergency centers like hospitals.

No doubt, in case of emergency a portable generator is very helpful but if you will not follow the safety precautions properly then that could cause many problems. Spend sufficient time in reading all the instructions and follow them to safely use your generator.

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