A Few Of Bulgaria’s Most Popular Holiday Destinations

One often overlooked holiday destination in Europe is Bulgaria, situated in the southeast of Europe. Bulgaria is a country of around 7 million people that has been going through a period of rapid economic development over recent years and one result of this economic development has been a construction boom that has lasted since around the year 2000. Over the last few years tourism has been steadily increasing and people now travel from all over Europe to enjoy Bulgaria’s beautiful sandy beaches and impressive mountainous regions. It has also been gaining popularity with younger travelers seeking alternative destinations for party holidays.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, a city of approximately 1.2 million people. Sofia is an amazing city with some of the best nightlife in the Balkans coupled with areas of impressive historical architecture. Sofia was once ruled by Alexander the Great after he defeated the Thracian rulers around 334 BC, though a few hundred years later it was conquered by the Romans and subsequently became a municipium meaning a center of an administrative region. Today Sofia is well known for its huge range of cultural buildings including numerous museums, and arts orientated constructions.

Varma is another of Bulgaria’s coolest cities, situated on the eastern edge of the country bordered by the Black Sea. The city is colloquially known as the marine capital of Bulgaria as it offers a variety of water based activities and some beautiful sandy beaches. Varna is a major seaside resort that has become massively popular with particularly European tourists over recent years and has some great attractions and amenities that are sure to please everybody who visits.

One of the most popular seaside destinations in Bulgaria is Burgas, situated on the westernmost edge of the Black Sea, and to the south of Varna. Burgas has some fantastic sandy beaches to enjoy, as well as some very interesting historical buildings and monuments. Like Varna, Burgas has a great nightlife and music scene with hundreds of bars, pubs, discos and live music venues to enjoy, as well as some chic cafes and restaurants to appeal to a different crowd.

Although not a city, Golden Sands is the most popular seaside resort in the whole of Bulgaria. Golden Sands is only 17km from Varna though it has become more popular due to (amongst other things) having the purest quartz sand on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. What makes Golden Sands so special is that it is a seaside resort that has been developed with only one goal in mind, to entertain and accommodate tourists.

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