A Constructive BMW M6 Review – The Gains Of The Luxury BMW M6

BMW has developed a reputation for their engineering. With engines used in both cars and motorcycles, they’re very focused and reliable. This should not draw away from their elegant exterior and interior designs, as they offer a high degree of sophistication for both that only seeks to match the power provided.

As they don’t offer the fastest cars, nor the most lavishly decorated, the BMW cars are also affordable by more than just the high-level executives. This BMW M6 review will explain the M6 series and where it sits in the 6 series.

6 Series

This series of vehicle were based on the previous series’ sedans, cars which were designed for mid-level/executive use. The 6 series stretches back to the E24, which one of the iconic BMW designs that many would be familiar with. It offered good speed, a moderate range of extras (even more with the ‘luxury’ version) and was offered in several different packages, such as catalyzed and un-catalyzed.

The newest model continues to follow in the E24′s footsteps with good performance and new technology, while focusing on the mid-level/executive demographic. This allows many of the models to be moderately affordable, while offering quality simultaneously. Half of the available Series 6 models are convertible and it contains some of the most expensive BMW vehicles available.

The M6

The M6 section of the Series 6 is designed with one thing in mind: performance. They follow the new BMW streamline designs, doing away with the harsh edges of the pre-2000s.

Available in a coupe and cabriolet form, it uses lightweight materials, but costs push it up into the expensive range. It offers high top speeds of over 200mph, though many BMW models come with an inbuilt speed limiter. This model was discontinued in July 2010.

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