A Cheap Ferry From Dover To Dunkirk Is The Best Way To Get To France

The United Kingdom port of Dover provides easy access for travellers to Europe. Not only is it one of England’s busiest gateways, but it is one of the world’s most used shipping lanes. To get to France, enjoy a cheap ferry from Dover to Dunkirk (also known as Dunkerque) to experience this unique French city.

The ferries are large, stylish, comfortable, and modern. They travel across the channel to Dunkerque about seven times daily. The trip usually takes about two hours. The city is home to the third largest harbour in France and it produces large quantities of oil and steel. With its numerous museums, historic buildings, galleries, and glorious beaches, it attracts many tourists.

The city has rebuilt itself after being virtually destroyed in World War 2, and it was the last city in France to be liberated. The famous evacuation of the British army and its allies, called Operation Dynamo, took place here. The cuisine has a Flemish influence and one the most popular dishes is Coq a la biere which is chicken cooked in beer and cream.

The ferry operators often offer excellent deals for trips across the channel. They all comply with rigorous standards and crew members are fully qualified. From the moment you board, there are all types of fun entertainment to enjoy. Watch a live show, play video games, or try your luck on the slot machines.

They offer fine restaurants with either a full waiter-service or self-service. Most of the cuisine served is French. The ferries have plenty of shops offering great specials on wine, beer, toys, perfumes, cosmetics, and much more. For those who are travelling to other parts of Europe, the on-board accommodation is superb. Most of the cabins are 4-berth with air conditioning.

To get the best deal possible, contact several operators because they offer various special packages. Other tips to get the cheapest fares are to book in advance and, if possible, travel in off-peak seasons. Another reason for checking with different operators is that, often, discounted rates are offered if the boat is not full. If you travel on the late night trip, you can save as much as 40 percent.

There are other ways to get a cheap ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. Look out for special offers for week-day travellers (Sunday to Thursday). When booking, do it online to cut out agent’s fees. If you make a phone booking and pay with a debit card, you won’t have to pay the rather hefty fee that is charged to credit cards.

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