6 Pop Musicians Who Should Be Replaced By Nerdcore Music Artists

Here’s a question: will you pass up hearing the likes of Jeremih or Katy Perry should they were no longer on the radio? In the event you replied yes, you are either a) a 15 year old girl or B) somebody who wears sunglasses indoors. Should you emphatically replied no, you’re probably one of the countless silent Americans who don’t really know the best place to turn with regards to discovering music that truly has a message as well as speaks to issues close to them (have you kissed a girl and did you like it?)

Pop Musicians are a dime a dozen and for the most part will be cranking out hits such as factories crank out car parts or fastfood chains crank out burgers. Wouldn’t it be great to give ourselves some assortment, particularly something that spoke to the lifestyle of game enthusiasts? Nerdcore doesn’t pretend to be pop music, and that is why it had good results amongst individuals who are looking for something diverse. It’s music which is completely unique, has a message, and a ton of unknown artists who are talented but not known. I think it is time we gave Nerdcore more “air-time.”

Listed here are six Pop Musicians who should be replaced by Nerdcore Music artists:

Nerdcore Artist: Dual Core

Replacing: New Boyz

While turning the “S” in boys to “Z” teeters dangerously close to 1337sp34K, this group of youngsters not lawfully old enough to purchase Goldschlager, would be missed by merely a handful of men and women, probably beginning with Ray J as well as concluding with the artist’s parents. Their number one tune on iTunes says volumes about how excellent of a contribution the band has made to music:

I Met a group of girls in a Escalade

I Met a group of girls in a Escalade

Met met a group of girls in a Escalade

They came with you and left with me

It’s believed the lines were inspired by a combination of John Lennon’s music and a dream Ozzy Osbourne once had. Nerdcore rise-up…

Nerdcore Artist: Optimus Rhyme

Replacing: P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Daddy Puff/The man from those cologne advertisements

P Diddy is pretty the anomaly. The Puff Daddy and the Family lp continues to be among my favorites even now, as well as the epic Mo’ Money single with Mase (when was the last time you heard that man’s name?) is still among the most remarkable music videos of the 1990′s.

P Diddy is a brand, a commodity…he’s just been intelligent enough to control his brand and ensure he was the man pulling the strings. His music has grown into more of an advertising tool, and he is more replaceable compared to any music performer not named Rebecca Black, albeit a bit less creative (at least she has her own original songs).

Nerdcore Artist: MC Chris

Replacing: Nicki Minaj

In the most befuddling mystery ever since the Egyptian pyramids, Nicki Minaj is among the most profitable music artists of all-time. That’s based from the simple fact that she is the only musician to have seven songs in the Billboard Top 100 all at once. Look at yet another simple fact, though…all but one of those happen to be cameos to songs by Ludacris, Wayne, Trey Songz, Usher, Sean Kingston, as well as Jay Sean.

Can she survive on her own? Most likely. Must we have to consistently keep listening to find out. Here’s wishing we don’t have to…

Nerdcore Artist: YT Cracker

Replacing: Jeremih

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I bet you thought I was going to propose replacing “Eminem” didn’t you? Yet that will have been, well, absurd. Eminem speaks his mind as well as doesn’t actually care what other people think…you’d have to think that his massive success is tied directly to fan demand to experience genuine artists…yet the executives doing the decisions must feel otherwise.

But, I digress, we’re swapping out Jerimih, the guy who loves birthday sex as well as wants you down on him. He’s incredibly popular, drives luxury vehicles and is a celebrity. Hey, I’m sold…the real question is, just how many more singles would it take to realize that Jermih happens to be a filthy rich star, until we stop caring?

I thought I told you Imma star

You see the ice, you see the cars

Flashy lights, everywhere we are,

Live tonight, like there’s no tomorrow

Painfully enough, we’re still finding out.

Nerdcore Artist: Beefy

Replacing: T-Pain

I always remember T-Pain’s debut single “I’m Sprung.” A track dedicated to his spouse, which actually offered some exclusive insight into the conflicting dynamics of (dare I mention it) love.

Yet right now, T-Pain is known as that guy from the I’m on a Boat music video who apparently really likes money (like everyone else) and all he does is win, win, win…no matter what (just like Charlie Sheen). He’d be easy to replace – drop the autotune and make him put 5 grand in a bottle everytime he mentions the word money in a song and he’d be making beats for Ke$ha this time in a few days.

Nerdcore Artist: MC Frontalot

Replacing: will.i.am

He is Will. Not Will Smith. The one guy from the Black Eyed Peas that really speaks. He’s become among the most prominent producers/beat makers in the music industry. He’s a God among the women running on their treadmill machines, looking for that extra boost to get them going (try this should you really want to go big) but to anybody searching for genuine songs, he’ merely another guy creating filler which rocks the hell out of a half-time show, but does not do it for anybody searching for a jolt of inspiration or something that they could relate to (that’s exactly what music is supposed to do, remember).

Stepped up in the party like my name was “that b***h”.

All these haters mad because I’m so established.

They know I’m a beast, yeah I’m a f**king savage

Haters you can kill yourself.

And so let it be written, let it be told…

Yet do not take my word for it, take a look at the video playlist and inform me if you feel the world is ready for more Nerdcore.

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