5 Ways Smoke Free Cigarettes Vary From Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette commonly referred to as an e-cigarette, offers smokers 5 main benefits :

They have not been discovered to possess tar or related toxins of regular tobacco cigarettes. They cost significantly less than tobacco cigarettes. They don’t have to be lit up and they do not burn. Smokers do not need to carry lighters or matches to use them. Smokers don’t need to look for ashtrays since they produce no ash.

Let’s take a look at each of these benefits in much more detail.

One. Ecigarettes are engineered to contain neither tar nor toxins.

Although normal cigarettes are renowned for dangerous carbon monoxide, they, in fact, contain more than four thousand poisons. Ecigarettes aren’t made from tobacco and accordingly do not have toxins related to chemicals in tobacco.

Two. Ecigarettes are even less costly than traditional cigarettes.

While a pack of regular cigarettes costs in the region of $6 a pack, an electric cigarette cartridge will only cost $2. In other words, they cost about a third less. What’s more, these cartridges can be refilled with e-liquid nitrogen, which brings the pricetag down to $1 for a pack.

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Three. Vaporless e-cigarettes are smoke-free.

Often smoking can be problematic because of 2nd hand smoke. Since this bothers non smokers because it endangers their healthiness many places ban smoking cigarettes. This makes it difficult for a smoker to light up in a bar, a restaurant, a bus ride, a train, or a plane. Smokers often have to suffer withdrawal pains till they can be in an open environment. Nevertheless with e-cigarettes only water vapour is released and it disappears almost instantly. Furthermore, this vapour does not pollute the atmosphere and doesn’t harm others in the neighborhood.

Another difficulty with smoke is that it smells and the smell gets into the smokers breath, skin, hair, and clothing. The odoriferous scent of tobacco smoke is equivalent to having bad body odour. With smoke free cigarettes, there is not any odour because there is not any smoke.

Four. E-cigarettes are fire resistant.

Since you do not need to “light up” an vapor less e-cigarette, you avoid all the issues associated with matches and lighters like added cost, needing to make certain you have got some on you when you’re feeling like you need a cigarette, or perhaps incidentally setting a fire. You also avoid burning yourself, your clothing, or maybe people. Vaporless e-cigarettes don’t light up and don’t heat up like tobacco cigarettes.

5. Vaporless e-cigarettes don’t produce ash.

With smokefree cigarettes, you don’t need an ashtray to dispose of ash and grind out ciggie butts. After a smoke, just drop the e-cigarette back in your pocket.

Mike Hollis blogs about electric cigarettes and informs smokers about this leading edge technology. This article is not intended to condone smoking or insinuate that electronic cigarettes provide health benefits.

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