2011 PC Games: The Ones Not To Miss

It is not yet half way through 2011 and already there have been some great PC games available on the market. Despite what the cynics might say it is obvious that PC gaming is far from finished. This year we have had a number of great titles and this should mean that PC gaming keeps going for a number of years.

Here are just some of the games you won’t want to miss in 2011.

Shogun 2 -Total War

When it comes to PC games that combine adventure with strategy, then Shogun 2 Total War is a fantastic choice. You will probably feel as though you have actually been to Japan after playing this game because the graphics are just that good. However before you rush out to buy this game it is very important to make sure your computer can handle it because it requires very high specifications which is the only drawback.

Star Wars The Old Republic

This game probably won’t finish on top of the best games of 2011 list but it will probably get a mention. You will probably hear claims that this is going to be the best Star Wars game that ever was but this is obviously coming from the game developers.

However, there have been some positive rumors about this game so maybe they can turn the tide after all those bad Star Wars games of the past. Probably the best thing about Star Wars The Old Republic is that the story line is quite compelling.

Deus Ex- Human Evolution

When it comes to great games in 2011, Deus Ex Human Evolution is promising to be a really exciting arrival. With fantastic graphics and a superb story line, it would not be surprising if a Hollywood movie was made from it. This is one game that will appeal to anyone who loves strategy and violence.

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