Ladies Jackets and Coats – A Way to Stay Warm in Style

Ladies coast and jackets are a good way to keep them warm and can also be used to add glamour and style to any of their dress. Jackets and coats serve various ideas such as protecting ladies from cold weather or safeguarding them from getting soaked in rain or by adding style to the outfit making it adequate for a formal occasion. When selecting a coat or jacket, you need to think about the style, colour and cut; also you need to keep in mind the weight of the coat or jacket and how warm it is depending upon the season.

Ladies coats are normally thicker, longer and warmer than the ladies jackets which make them appropriate for the winter. There are few exemptions e.g. trench coat that is very light in weight and it protects ladies from rain which is why it is ideal for spring and summer season. There is also evening coat which is also light in weight but has formal style to it. In ladies coats there are varieties for winters as well as for summers e.g. duffle coat, pea coat, padded coats, leather coats, parka coats and full length coats. All these coats can be used for smart or casual look.

Ladies jackets have a variety which ranges from casual jackets to tailored jackets which are also appropriate to be worn at work or any event. Jackets come in the short length variety and they usually have a length which finishes at or below the hip. You can also get longer length formal jackets to match your suit.

The tailored jacket for ladies is a very stylish and pleasing option, the fitting it provides and the simple line and cuts of it makes it very appealing and satisfying. Tailored jacket can also be worn on top of skirt or trousers, camisole or blouse; it can be worn to work to look stylish yet professional. Tailored jackets can be worn inside or outside to stay warm in very cold weather, on top of tailored jacket you might need to wear ladies coat for extra warmth. These customized ladies jackets can also be worn on top of a dress for events like weddings or a day out.

Styles of tailored jackets vary; they come in the form of blazers to long line jackets, double breasted and cropped jackets. You can also look chic in a black or navy tailored jacket which can transform your look from boring to exciting; this kind of jacket is an essential piece of clothing for any ladies’ wardrobe.

Casual jackets are mostly worn by ladies on top of their dresses or suits to get the additional warmth and give a graceful look to casual attire. Casual jackets come in the variety of light weight jackets for the midsummer and thick jackets for cooler winters. There are also different styles in casual jackets such as denim, fleece, jersey, sleeveless jackets or gilets that you can wear on top of a matching or contrasting long sleeve top.

Cardigans make a great substitute to coats and jackets and are very useful for giving additional warmth when you are indoors. Cardigans can be seen in the market from light weight to thick and chunky and can be casual or smart. Details on cardigans like frills or embellishment make them mainly appropriate for evening or party wear. Cropped cardigans or boleros also look beautiful with party dresses.

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