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Shower enclosures Westchester are built to fit with your individual style. No single sort of enclosure will work for the space your shower or bath occupies. Some formats can vary a long way from the traditional cubical many customers may have in mind.

A regular squared-off format is simplest. Some look more like part of a hexagon. Others feature raised portions, requiring that the door also be multi-leveled. Or, for one installed in an attic room where the roof slants, the door will also do so.

It is important to match the shape of your shower footprint. Otherwise, water can leak out. The whole point is to keep all water in to prevent slipping when one gets out or water damage. The same rule applies to your bath time: shower doors work just as well around a fitted bathtub.

Companies in the area provide two major types of enclosures. The traditional form is framed. Your handles and hinges re built against the frame. As with the frame itself, these features come in many different finishes to accentuate a color theme or other metal work such as taps at the bathroom sink. When a firm also makes mirrors and medicine cabinets, it may pay to have shower and other fixtures handled by that same company to ensure unity of elements.

Without a frame your door will still work. Hinges and handles are simply built into the glass, which is heavier. Companies make it thicker for greater protection while consumers are able to complete an uninterrupted view of tile work.

A combination of the two forms a third option. Though rounded portions of glass at the top form beautiful designs, some people also like metallic accents which match sink and shower taps and come in numerous finishes. With a frameless version with side panel, a frame may actually be used. Handles form yet another choice. There is a chance here to continue antique elements to taps, or featured around a vintage bathtub with claw feet. Go for knobs or handles. Your manufacturer has a gallery to show the hard-to-please customer.

As with many home fittings, there is the possibility of having your shower enclosure custom built. This takes longer and costs more, but ensures customer satisfaction with design and style. Bring your design to the showroom for a consultation. Alternatively, if you just want speed and something simple, several companies carry basic designs in stock and will install them if you want them too. They also come out to do repairs and replace glass in your existing enclosure.

Choosing glass can become just as much a part of the decision-making process as any other part. Some people imagine straight, transparent glass. In fact, for extra privacy, customers can get textured or frosted glass instead. Catalogues show numerous patterns, from a chaotic maze of cracks to a delicate snowfall. With frameless doors you may want to consider changing the straight edge notion to a rounded one.

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