Process For Registering A Trademark

A trademark enables companies to safeguard their exclusive ownership of their logos or brand names. Trademarks can become legally enforceable only when they are duly registered with the concerned authority. A duly registered trademark serves as a notice of its approval by law, thereby deterring any unscrupulous persons from using it as it is or in any other form that may have a close similarity such that it can be confused with the original mark.

It is always advisable to go for the registration of a brand name immediately after having come up with it. If you delay the registration, there is a possibility that some other company will register a similar or even the exact name before you and you will lose your right of its use.

The first thing needed for successful registration of a brand name entails a basic check for the availability of the chosen name. You must conduct a comprehensive search for resembling trademarks registered by other companies to find out whether your trademark will be unique. For this purpose you can use the database of the relevant authority.

The following thing you need to do is buy a registration form and fill it up with the correct details of your firm, products that it deals in or services that it offers, address and other details asked for. The form duly filled in should be then submitted with the requisite registration fee. However, any failure to undertake the basic check on the name availability can lead to rejection of your application and your registration fee too will be forfeited by authorities.

After putting down your application, you need to be prepared for any questions from the authorities about your claim. Such queries are required to be responded to within a limited time. Once your trademark has been successfully registered, the authorities will issue a certificate that will offer you legal rights of ownership over your trademark, so that you can successfully protect your trademark and even sue infringers.

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