Nikon E 100: A Reliable Microscope For Sale In The Market

Just like it is named; Nikon Eclipse 100 Educational is ideal for basic education. However, it could be useful for life and earth science, veterinary laboratory and dermatology. If you are searching for a microscope for sale, it is strongly recommended that you look at this one because of the feature and performance in addition to the affordable price.

As technology is always advanced by Nikon, you will be attracted to this microscope. With its revolutionary CFI optics, Nikon E 100 provides you with flat and sharp images right up to the periphery of the view field. Hence, the Nikon 100 becomes the right microscope for student and basic clinic.

Nikon E 100 is an upright microscope made with ergonomic and stylish design for outstanding optical performance. Compact and lightweight, this microscope features anti-mold technology in the objective lenses. Also, to protect the microscope in high humidity environments, it features eyepiece tubes and eyepiece lenses.

Talking about features, you will find that Nikon E 100 has excellent technology to back up best magnification. Newly developed objective lenses for flat images come to be the key point for this microscope. The eyepiece tube is inclined at 30and assists you to view in a natural posture. You can have comfortable research with Nikon E 100.

Speaking on comfort, this tool is also designed with smooth rotation quadruple nosepiece to prevent tiresome during the laboratory activity by using microscope. Another specialty, the double-plate mechanical stage comes to maximize the performance of Nikon E 100. For the lamp, halogen is used to give the perfect lighting for the object researched. Two more key features, this microscope comes with coaxial coarse/fine focus knob and condenser with position guide markings. For specific info on the feature, you could look at the following.

For greater comfort, the built-in double plate stage with low position XY control is combined with coaxial coarse/fine focusing in the ideal ergonomic seating position. The smooth rotation quadruple nosepiece features an internal detent click stop mechanism. Besides, a knurled elastic covered ring on the nosepiece gives positive feedback in which you do not have to touch the objectives.

Speaking on lighting, 6V/20W halogen lamp is chosen as it has powerful life. This lamp is adjustable up to six volts for precise illumination control. If you wish to replace the halogen lamp, you can do the replacement efficiently. You only need to detach the field lens unit at the front of the base. After that, you can remove the old bulb and put a new one in place.

Speaking on the design, modular type is selected to let the addition of a digital camera system or a phase contrast accessory. Simple phase contrast observation at 10X and 40X is possible with a single phase annulus slider. One last point, the Nikon E 100 accepts adapters for various digital camera selections as well as a trinocular head microscope.

You might think about Nikon E 100 when you are looking for microscope for sale. We recommend this one because of the features and performance as it will give you sharp and clear image with great magnification.

Speaking on laboratory instruments, you may consider microscope and USB microscopes when you buy those tools. Get the best one to support your biology research.

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