Management Functions

In any organization or business, management is the act of getting together their human resources to accomplish the organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner. Management consists of planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing and controlling the efforts of the people to achieve the goals. A Good Manager masters the art of the basic five elements of management.

Planning: Good Managers plans out exactly how to achieve an organizational goal. For example, a manager should know how to improve the company revenue and generate profits. The manager needs to be in a position to decide which step is necessary to accomplish the goal. Steps should include how to increase revenue through advertising, inventory and sales people. These important and necessary steps should be developed and implemented into a plan. Once a plan is in place, managers can follow it to achieve the goal of improving the revenue and generating profit.

Organizing: Once the plan is put in place, the manager needs to organize the team, collect and configure resources in order to implement plan in highly effective and efficient manner. Giving authority and assigning work are two important fundamentals of organizing.

Staffing: In any organizations, managers often work with the company’s human resourced to achieve the desired goals. Managers are responsible for finding the right person for the right job to accomplish the organizational goals. In order to achieve it he has to work with the human resource by recruiting, selecting, training individuals for specific functions, develop employees, and allocate them with duties and responsibilities.

Leading: A Manager is not only responsible for planning, organizing and staffing the team to achieve a goal, but should posses’ leadership qualities. Leading a team involves motivating, guiding, communicating and encouraging. A Manager is required to coach, assist and ensure that he is able to support and solve problems with employees.

Controlling: In Management controlling means setting standards, measure the actual performance and take corrective measures. As soon as the other elements are in place the manager checks for errors and takes measures so that the deviation from standards are minimized and stated goals of the organization are achieved in a desired manner.

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