Is There A Direct Relationship Between Skin Cancer And The Sun?

Many people go to the beach when the sun is beating down on them, so that they can catch all the rays that they can for a glorious tan. But we now know that too much exposure to the sun can lead to serious skin damage.

Of course, we all know that we should be wearing sunscreen when we go outside at all times. How many people actually put sunscreen on in the morning in their daily routine. We typically only think of sunscreen when we are planning a day out of doors.We are warned on a continuous basis to keep our skin protected from the harmful rays and stay out of the sun when it is at its strongest. Younger people tend to not pay attention to these warnings about skin cancer and the sun.

No matter how young or old you are, you need to take good care of your skin. Excessive exposure to the sun will lead to damage eventually even if it doesn’t appear for many years. Therefore, you should prevent damage from the sun when you are young so that it won’t become an issue when you’re older. Many steps can be taken to limit or prevent sun damage.

We often only consider applying sunscreen when we expect to be outside for many hours. However, we don’t consider it when we spend shorter periods of time out of doors. Your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays every time you are outside, even if you’re simply walking to work in the morning or taking a breather outdoors during the afternoon.

It is recommended that sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 is applied to all exposed body parts. Even so, you should stay out of the sun during the afternoon hours, when the sun’s ray are the most damaging. Overexposure to sunlight isn’t limited to summer months. Skin damage due to sunlight can occur year-round, and could lead to skin cancer. To protect yourself, always wear sunscreen.

Keep your sunscreen reapplied throughout the day especially if you have been sweating or swimming. Reapply every two hours to be safe. Children need extra protection. Because you cannot apply sunscreen to children under six months of age, you should limit their exposure to the sun while they are unprotected.

Keep babies covered with clothing and hats to limit their exposure. The delicate skin of children and babies is very susceptible to damage and should be protected especially carefully. Babies are very vulnerable to skin cancer and the sun.

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