Helpful CV Cover Letter Template

When sending CV to potential employers, whether by post or fax, it is essential that you accompany it with a covering letter. Keep in mind that you need to create a good impression in order to make the employer or recruiter read your CV. By sending it with a covering letter, you are sure that you are getting your purpose and message across in a professional manner. Even if you are sending an email application, you still need to follow the standard CV covering letter template to introduce yourself, give details where you heard about the job opening and why you think you are capable for the job.

When you write your CV covering letter, make sure to follow these simple tips:

* Limit the length of your covering letter to a single page of plain white A4 paper.
* A covering letter composed of three paragraphs is the ideal goal to hit in terms of length. Make it as simple as possible.
* To keep you from going over the one page limit, be straight to the point. Avoid repeating what’s already written in your CV.
* Use a font that is easy to read (Arial would be nice).
* Make sure to proofread your letter to avoid any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake.
* Write with confidence but avoid exaggerated statements.
* Ensure that the cover letters you are writing is tailored for specific applications.
* Check out this CV covering letter template to give yourself an idea on what to include in your own cover letter:

Applicant’s name
Residential address
Suburb/ State/ Postcode
Telephone number:
Mobile number:
Email address:
Date/ Month/ Year

(Mr or Ms) Full name
Company name
Office address
Suburb/ State/ Postcode

Dear [Mr. or Ms. ___] or Dear Sir/ Madam (although it is preferable to use a name here)

First paragraph – Introduce who you are and state your reason for writing to them. Include the position you are applying for and mention how or where you saw the advertisement for the job.

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Second paragraph – Sell yourself. Meaning, explain why you believe that you are suitable for the position. Stress how your career experience and skills make you ideal for the job. Remember to highlight your most essential experience (your degree, for example). If the advertisement lists down a selection of criteria, take advantage of it to show how your experience and skills equal their criteria.

Third paragraph – Explain your reason for wanting to work for your prospective company. This is the best place to show that you have done some research about the firm and the tasks that are related to the position. Close your letter with a polite request to consider your application and express your willingness to come over for an interview at a schedule convenient to them. Express your appreciation for the employer or recruiter’s time.

Sincerely yours,


Applicant’s full name

Use this CV covering letter template as an instruction when you compose your own letter to make sure that you cover all the essential details.

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