Heat Free Paper Curls

Almost everything old is new again. When my mother was a kid, her mom used rags or strips of paper to curl her hair. Nowadays, with the tendency towards preserving our hair and looking for gentle and natural styling solutions, paper curls have made a big comeback.

This old tradition predates curling irons and modern appliances, yet it’s still just as effective as it ever was. It works well even on razor straight hair, giving you soft and bouncy curls.

Commence with strips of paper. It is possible to use onion paper or brown parcel paper like you would employ to wrap something for the mail. If you’re in pinch, you can even use paper lunch bags. Cut or rip your paper into strips about 8 to 10 inches long and approximately an inch wide. You should start with about twenty to thirty strips, just in case you tear some.

Next prepare your hair. Paper curls are ideal in damp hair. If your hair is too wet it will damage the paper, so give it time to dry a little bit. Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb or large brush, just enough to remove any tangles. You’ll start your curls at the bottom layer of hair, closest to the base of the head. The rest of your hair you can tie out of the way.

Separate an area of hair, about half an inch wide or less, depending on how tight you choose your curls. Bigger sections of hair have looser curls. Beginning a couple inches above the tips of your hair, put the centre of the paper strip against the back of the hair with one end pointing toward your shoulder. Fold the top side of the paper over the front of the hair and then once again around the back. Your paper ought to now be in a V shape. After that, roll the V upwards, curling your hair evenly around it. Once you get to the top, simply tie the two ends of the paper together to form a knot. Proceed until all your hair is in curls.

As soon as your hair has dried, carefully remove your paper curls. You’ll be impressed at the soft, bouncy curls you created using just plain strips of paper. Just a little hairspray to set the look and you’re done!

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