Collecting Lladro Figurines – An Expensive But Valuable Hobby

Lladro figurines are delicate and beautiful artifacts manufactured from Porcelain, originating in Spain.The organization that manufactures Lladro figurines was founded in 1953 near Valencia, Spain by three brothers who started making porcelain artifacts at home.Lladro figurines have gained much popularity worldwide and are truly a collector’s edition. It is worthwhile possessing an entire Lladro catalog.A characteristic of Lladro figurines is that they are innovating, inspiring and a delight to look at.These luxurious figurines are always in demand worldwide.

Lladro figurines are manufactured from a unique type of hard-paste porcelain.Several beautiful pieces are added to the Lladro collection year after year, although a historical catalog is maintained.Such Lladro figurines are very valuable and a delight to possess.Although a Lladro catalog should be displayed with pride, certain care needs to be exercised.The porcelain figurines are susceptible to breakage as they are very delicate.


It is not easy to collect and maintain a Lladro catalog.First and foremost, decide a theme such as angels, animals, children, dancers, etc.Available Lladro figurines in a particular category need to be researched.Lladro figurines are available at auctions, real estate and tag sales, so keep searching for them.This is because some people may possess an original Lladro and are not aware of its true price, or don’t value it, thus enabling you to strike a good deal.Lladro figurines are definitely expensive, so even if they are to be given as a birthday present, quite a few folks will have to pool their money together.Once a Lladro figurine is owned, it needs to be insured with the home insurance, so that some compensation is received in case of a theft.

Many of Lladro figurines are available in limited edition collections. It may not be possible to get a particular piece of porcelain once certain manufactured pieces are sold out.This is the reason for their popularity and continuous price increase.However, it is very much necessary that a true Lladro figurine is identified and you don’t end up paying for a fake.The bottom of every authentic Lladro figurine features the company logo and a serial number or authenticity code.Each and every Lladro figurine is cataloged on the company website thus making it easy to authenticate.The company also supports authentication via email, which is completely free. Here, you need to send pictures of top and bottom of the figurine to the company for verification.There are also local stores that deal with Lladro figurines who can appraise your figurines.

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