A New Mother’s Guide To Shopping For A Well-Fitting Nursing Bra

For many expectant mothers, clothes shopping can be fun and exciting. While a woman is picking out new pants, shirts, skirts and other clothes she also needs to take time and consider buying a maternity or nursing bra and underwear as well. This will mean that she is comfortable and has the support she needs to look her best while she is expecting and breastfeeding.

The changes a pregnant body goes through are incredible. A woman will find her stomach will get quite large and that her breasts will also get much larger as well. All of this is part of nurturing the baby growing inside of her. While it is a beautiful process, it can mean that expectant mothers need to change or adjust their wardrobe and buy clothing that fits them properly.

While some women choose to wear a nursing bra during pregnancy there are often differences between a maternity brassiere and one designed to help make breastfeeding much easier to accomplish. The main difference is that a maternity model will not have cups that flip open whereas one designed for breastfeeding will.

A good fitting bra will have the following features. The first is that the straps are thick enough that they do not cut into the shoulders. Heavier breasts can cause thin straps to cut in and leave painful red marks behind. This can also allow the chest to sag and droop. The band that goes around the body also needs to fit well since this is where a large part of the overall support comes from. If it rides up in the back, the chest can sag down in the front. This feels uncomfortable and looks unattractive.

You may find that you need to purchase brassieres in two different sizes. The first, purchased in late pregnancy, will accommodate increased breast size. The second, purchased when a woman’s milk comes in, will accommodate the sudden growth during this time as well.

In the past, these brassieres were not as common but now that women are breastfeeding their babies more a wider range of styles have come out. It is possible to find comfortable athletic versions, full cup versions and even lacy under wire models that are great for women who want to start feeling sexy and alluring even while they are nursing. You want to make sure that the versions you buy will not irritate or scratch your breasts and that they will not pinch or block your milk ducts as this can cause serious medical issues.

Many women overlook the importance of trying on bras before purchasing them. There are a few tests that you need to do with a nursing bra. You need to make sure that you can open the flaps one handed. Some may be difficult to do. Remember that you will usually be holding a baby in one hand while you try and undo the flap with the other. As well, make sure that a large portion of the nipple and surrounding breast tissue can be seen through the opening. This can make it easier for new babies to determine where they are supposed to latch on.

If you want to find bras that are specifically designed for nursing there are many different places where you can find them. While many women prefer the models they find in specialty shops, others enjoy the selection that can be found in department stores and on websites. Online shopping can be great but you still need to be careful of fit and comfort. Shop on websites which allow you to return models that do not fit properly otherwise you may find that you are wasting a lot of money. It may be helpful if you have been able to try on specific styles so that you know what kind of fit you like best. Matching sets of bras and underwear can really help make a new mother feel feminine and beautiful while still allowing her to nurture and feed her baby.

Select a nursing bra that provides comfort when you are nursing your baby. Maternity bras must fit correctly and provide good support

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